Reducing ecommerce returns with great product descriptions

Fact: thorough product descriptions sell! But it's not just about selling, is it? What about the impact of customer returns?

Here’s the thing about great product copy… it does so much more than generate the positive buying decisions your business needs. Well-written text, with answers to all the potential questions a customer might have, is the key to clinching that sale. It also lessens the chance of a costly customer return.

The best things in life are free!

There’s no doubt that buzz words like 'free returns policy' and 'free delivery' are just what your potential customer wants to read. Major online retailers like ASOS know just how to make online shopping very appealing simply by offering free, easy returns. Generous offers like these increase the chances of a browsing session becoming a purchase.

However, the problem for your business lies in absorbing these costs while still remaining profitable. It’s a no-brainer that managing customer returns occupies valuable time for staff whose skills could be more profitably directed elsewhere. When that wasted time is added to the quantifiable shipping costs, the dent in your company’s finances caused by each and every return is significant.

The trick is to have product descriptions that are so comprehensive and artfully written that the chance of a product not meeting a customer’s expectations is significantly minimised.

Success lies in the detail

In the absence of a friendly sales assistant on your virtual shop floor, your product descriptions need to cover everything your customer might want to ask. This puts them at ease and gives them the confidence to buy. If there are any niggling doubts after they’ve spent some time viewing your item, there’s a greater chance that they’ll just keep browsing and you’ll have lost a potential sale.

That’s why it’s important to include not just facts and figures about your product, like size, weight, etc, but also its features, benefits and suggestions on how it might fit into your customer’s lifestyle. Think about the questions you'd have if you were shopping for a similar product. What would your barriers be? Which elements aren't immediately obvious from the images? What are the top three things about this product that set it apart from the competition?

Effective product descriptions

Since you won’t be there in person to influence a purchase, your detailed product description needs to do that job for you. If every potential question is answered and they’re confident they made the right choice, there’s much less chance that a customer will be disappointed or dissatisfied by the product when it arrives.

Get those five-star reviews flooding in!

Let’s face it, today’s time-poor customers really don’t enjoy the hassle or the delays involved in returns, either. They’re taking a leap of faith in purchasing your product online. If, when it arrives, they feel your product description has misled them or not given them enough information, the chances of you receiving a damaging review are pretty high.

However, if your product copy is on point, the chance of customers being satisfied and rewarding you with coveted five-star reviews is so much greater.

That’s why, if your aim is to reduce customer returns and all the associated costs, you simply have to have great copy. Pressed for time? On so many levels, it makes the best possible sense to employ the services of a product description copywriting agency.

Save yourself the stress and cost of returns

Siblinc Lifestyle is dedicated to providing flawless and comprehensive product copy that will help your target customers choose the product that's perfectly suited to their needs first time around. Whether you're a large or a small business, reducing ecommerce returns is key to your success.

Why not get in touch to see what we could do for you? You’ll be saving yourself the tangible and invisible costs of returns, not to mention the aggravation. At the same time, you’ll be increasing conversion rates and those additional sales will be reflected in your bottom line.