The UK’s only copywriting agency dedicated to product descriptions.

Welcome to Siblinc, where product descriptions are a way of life. Just like a great product photographer can send your sales soaring, our product descriptions remove barriers, answer questions and, most importantly, persuade your customer to hit ‘add to cart’. They cross sell, they make people smile and they play a significant part in that all-important customer journey.

If your product range is missing descriptions or your existing descriptions aren’t quite hitting the mark, we’re here to help. From managing ‘unmanageable’ quantities to refining what’s already there, we’re here to free up your time and help you sell more products.

So if your product range could do with a dose of Siblinc magic, get in touch today.

The stats to back it up

We interviewed a sample of online shoppers to get into their minds and find out what makes them tick. The results were clear: product descriptions are critical. We’ve put the stats together and they can all be yours with a few clicks.

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