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The process

Have you got a new range launching? Are you dealing with a backlog of descriptionless items? Perhaps you’ve been leaning on manufacturer copy and you know it’s time for a change.

Whatever your position, we can develop a service that suits you. Some of our clients have their own content management systems into which we add descriptions for review and publication. Others send us spreadsheets and images via Dropbox and WeTransfer.

Some simply send a link to their online shop and tell us to get stuck in.

The process is governed by your needs and underpinned by our commitment to efficiency, friendliness and, of course, totally flawless product copy.

Why us?

We hope that, by now, you’re on board with our way of doing things. But to practise what we preach, let’s answer some other questions you might have:
1. How many products can you turn around in a week? As many as you can throw at us! Our service has been designed to be totally scalable. Deadlines are always dictated by quantities but they’re also tailored to your needs. Launching 2,000 products next Wednesday?
2. How much is a product description? Ah, the burning question. Head to our Pricing page to find out more.
3. How do you ensure a consistent tone of voice when you’re using a team of writers? Every single product description goes through a rigorous quality-control process. And our writers don’t touch a product description until they’ve done their homework on your brand language and your rules. Try us.


We’ve created flawless product copy for…

Juicy statistics

We surveyed a whole bunch of keen online shoppers and they confirmed what we’ve known all along: product descriptions are crucial. Click to get full access to the statistics in our product copy report.

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Get in touch

We hope that we’ve covered all your need-to-knows but everyone’s different. If you want more information, drop us a line and we’ll come back to you ASAP.

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