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Tell more, sell more

Think about the last time you bought something online. You had questions, right? Whether they were about dimensions, ingredients, ethical stance or production processes, they all had the potential to make or break your purchase decision.

All customers have questions before they commit to a purchase and your product description is your chance to tick them off, one by one. In doing so, you’re not only increasing your chances of closing the deal, you’re also limiting the threat of costly returns (one of our clients has seen their returns rate drop by 70% since working with us).

It’s win/win.

Staggering stats

We’ve done a lot of research into how product descriptions play into the customer journey.
79%? That’s the percentage of people we surveyed who said they would not buy a product if it didn’t have a supporting description. 91%? That number represents the people whose buying decision would be negatively swayed by errors and inaccuracies in a product description. 80% of buyers preferred our creative way of writing over basic, non-descriptive copy. It’s a fact: good product descriptions aren’t desirable. They’re essential.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

As well as sending your sales sky high, good product descriptions can also revolutionise your visibility online. By paying careful attention to your product descriptions, you can:

  • increase your use of long-tail keywords (a customer who knows what they want doesn’t search for ‘lipstick’; they search for ‘cruelty-free moisturising lipstick in bright red’).
  • enhance your credibility in Google’s eyes.
  • avoid the costly damage of borrowing descriptions from the manufacturer and creating duplicate online content.
  • ensure fresh, relevant on-page content is being loaded on a regular basis.

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