Ethical ecommerce: why it’s more important than ever before

Never has the origin of products been more important to the consumer than it is right now. Whether you’re selling food & drink or lifestyle products such as clothing, home furnishings and household supplies, ethical ecommerce is huge and looks set to keep on growing.

Consumers are no longer taking products at face value as they may have done in the past without a second thought. Instead, they’re actively seeking information on the origin of the materials or ingredients used to create products.

They want to know how and where it was made and how far it’s travelled. The ethical and environmental footprint of their purchases is really important to them. Socially responsible production is another key concern. Customers like to be reassured that no one was exploited in the production process, hence the growing market share enjoyed by fair-trade brands.

Awareness among consumers of both the ‘real’ and ‘hidden’ impacts of production has never been higher and ethical brands are reaping the benefits.

Ethical brands = guilt-free purchase

The very existence of a successful platform like the Ethical Brand Directory ( is an indicator of the rising importance of ethical ecommerce. Their strapline ‘connecting the conscious consumer to brands that care’ speaks volumes. Having navigated themselves onto this site, the consumer has the confidence to browse and ultimately purchase guilt-free products.

Ethically aware consumers are proud to be part of a movement that pushes for improvements in humanitarian and environmental production methods. They’re willing to invest time in researching products before they purchase and they’ll happily accept the higher price tag for goods that meet their exacting standards. Most importantly, though, they’ll just keep browsing until they find an item which matches their own ethical standpoint.

The importance of visibility and transparency

So how do you stop the ethical browser in their tracks and get them to hit the magic ‘add to cart’ button? Answer: it’s about visibility and transparency. Your product descriptions need to put your products’ sustainable/ethical origins centre stage. This will answer any nagging doubts that the customer might have, reassure them that yours is an ethical brand and give them the confidence to buy without any guilt.

The number of environmentally and ethically aware shoppers is growing exponentially year on year. It’s clear that the rewards are out there for digitally-savvy brands who offer sustainable and ethical products and entice their ethically savvy customers in by using the product description to tell them not only what they are buying, but why they should buy it.

Clinch that sale with detailed product copy

To be a successful player in the ethical ecommerce arena and get those virtual tills ringing, your product copy needs to reflect your customers’ values and answer all of their questions about the product’s origins.

Here at Siblinc, we are wholeheartedly behind the push for ethical ecommerce. Our top-notch team of ethically aware wordsmiths are specialists in creating product descriptions designed to appeal directly to the environmentally conscious consumer. Get in touch today to find out how our words can help your business.