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Product descriptions and SEO: quick-fire tips

Product descriptions have been an essential feature of SEO, and key to sales success (or failure), ever since the dawn of ecommerce changed the world of retail forever. Come to think of it, they were around way before that if you’re long enough in the tooth to recall mail order catalogues like Littlewoods and Grattan – remember them? Different planet! What’s interesting, though, is how online product descriptions have evolved and become more sophisticated over time. Competition out there on the globally connected web grows exponentially, year on year. Only businesses that understand the way customer behaviour is changing appreciate that product copy has to adapt with it. They’re the ones who’ve kept ahead of the curve and seen their profits continue to rise. The thing is, consumer behaviour has changed dramatically over the past few years. They’ve become savvier and the infinite possibilities of internet shopping have made it easier than ever NOT to purchase and just keep on browsing. So it all comes down to how effective your product copy is. Product descriptions do so much more than simply describing a product. It’s all about optimisation - ignore the rules of the SEO game at your peril! Product copy is now bursting with cleverly sourced and adapted keywords and phrases in the race to secure the all-important top places on the search engine research/shopping pages. Keywords count for a lot, [...]

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The rise of ethical ecommerce

Ethical ecommerce: why it's more important than ever before Never has the origin of products been more important to the consumer than it is right now. Whether you're selling food & drink or lifestyle products such as clothing, home furnishings and household supplies, ethical ecommerce is huge and looks set to keep on growing. Consumers are no longer taking products at face value as they may have done in the past without a second thought. Instead, they’re actively seeking information on the origin of the materials or ingredients used to create products. They want to know how and where it was made and how far it’s travelled. The ethical and environmental footprint of their purchases is really important to them. Socially responsible production is another key concern. Customers like to be reassured that no one was exploited in the production process, hence the growing market share enjoyed by fair-trade brands. Awareness among consumers of both the ‘real’ and ‘hidden’ impacts of production has never been higher and ethical brands are reaping the benefits. Ethical brands = guilt-free purchase The very existence of a successful platform like the Ethical Brand Directory (https://ethicalbranddirectory.com/) is an indicator of the rising importance of ethical ecommerce. Their strapline ‘connecting the conscious consumer to brands that care’ speaks volumes. Having navigated themselves onto this site, the consumer has the confidence to browse and ultimately purchase guilt-free products. Ethically [...]

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Using product descriptions to reduce customer returns

Reducing ecommerce returns with great product descriptions Fact: thorough product descriptions sell! But it's not just about selling, is it? What about the impact of customer returns? Here’s the thing about great product copy… it does so much more than generate the positive buying decisions your business needs. Well-written text, with answers to all the potential questions a customer might have, is the key to clinching that sale. It also lessens the chance of a costly customer return. The best things in life are free! There’s no doubt that buzz words like 'free returns policy' and 'free delivery' are just what your potential customer wants to read. Major online retailers like ASOS know just how to make online shopping very appealing simply by offering free, easy returns. Generous offers like these increase the chances of a browsing session becoming a purchase. However, the problem for your business lies in absorbing these costs while still remaining profitable. It’s a no-brainer that managing customer returns occupies valuable time for staff whose skills could be more profitably directed elsewhere. When that wasted time is added to the quantifiable shipping costs, the dent in your company’s finances caused by each and every return is significant. The trick is to have product descriptions that are so comprehensive and artfully written that the chance of a product not meeting a customer’s expectations is significantly [...]

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